simon david traderMy name is Simon. I am a retail trader who trades mainly on the currency market, sometimes on indices and metals.

My adventure with trading started many years ago with the stock market. Nowadays I rather trade the currency market.

I use mainly technical analysis and it works on every market. Therefore, even if you trade other instruments than me, I still invite you to follow my blog.

Why blog? I am an old-fashioned trader and I miss traditional blogs and trading sites. Currently YouTube, video and social media dominate in that area. You can find me on Twitter, but this blog is most important for me. It allows me to share strategies, ideas and comments. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the possibilities of trading with the help of various techniques. Of course I write here mainly about Pivot Points, but not only.

What else about me? I live in Eastern Europe. I run a company – marketing agency. However, trading is becoming an increasing part of my income from year to year. It is also my passion. The goal is to sell the company within the next 2 years and focus entirely on trading.