Hello. Welcome to pivot-point-trading.com!

If you want to know more about this blog, what you will find here, why it was created, etc. then read on. I think that the short form of questions and answers will be more accessible than a longer description.

Simon David is responsible for the content. More information -> about me.

Purpose of the site

The aim of this page is to introduce the topic of trade with the help of Pivot Point. You can build good strategies around them. However, many pages only contain basic information about how to use them. Meanwhile, it is an excellent tool for various techniques – day trading, swing trading, long term trading. I write about these different approaches on the website. The aim of this page is to provide you with information and sample strategies that you can later use in your trading plan.

What you will find here

Here you will find information on how to trade with Pivot Point. There are tutorials here that will show you how to use Pivot Points in different strategies. There are also news and shorter entries. These will be comments on the current situation on the markets.

On which markets can I use Pivot Points strategies?

Pivot Point works well in every market – stocks, commodities, currencies and others.

At what intervals can I use Pivot Point strategies?

Day traders can use daily pivot points. Swing traders weekly and monthly pivot pivots.

How effective is a Pivot Point strategy?

Depends on your plan. However, by combining pivot points with price acion and patterns and of course good risk management, you are able to build a good strategy.