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    Who’s behind this newsletter – about the author

    My name is Simon. I am a retail trader who trades mainly on the currency market, sometimes on indices and metals.

    My adventure with trading started many years ago with the stock market. Nowadays I rather trade the currency market.

    I use mainly technical analysis and it works on every market. It can help improve your performance. Therefore, even if you trade other instruments than me, I still invite you to follow my blog and join the newsletter.

    What can help you most in trading?

    Some several tools and techniques can help you get better results in trading. It’s not just about the investment strategies themselves, although they are also important. Success in trading is depending on:

    • Risk and position management – when you take a loss, when you take a profit, how much risk you take with each transaction
    • choosing the right market, the right time frame
    • psychology – how do you deal with a series of unsuccessful (loss-making) transactions – whether you are not trying to get back at the market

    Based on this, you also need a proven strategy and working system. Without all these, you’ll never be successfull and won’t be able to stay ahead of other traders.

    As you can see, success in trading consists of many components. That’s why it’s worth to follow other traders and watch how they manage in every area. Then take the things that you think can help you and include them in your trading plan.

    This is what this the trading newsletter is for so that you can find such inspiration here. In the newsletter, I share the methods I use every day which are also used by professionals. I provide information and education for members of a newsletter such as:

    • how to trade different charts
    • how to look for opportunities and research as professional investors
    • how to build a portfolio
    • how to manage positions
    • how to analyze market conditions
    • how to improve trading performance
    • how to avoid wrong tactics, instruments which can give you limited results
    • how to cumulate and protect gains
    • how to find your real purposes as a trader
    • how to find a market with good depth and volatility
    • how markets can change from morning to evening (how to trade three sessions markets)
    • what every trader needs to think throughout about
    • how to trade when there is an options expiration coming
    • and much more practical information

    This is also where I describe other interesting insights. What will you find most useful? You have to decide for yourself.

    The most common mistakes in trading

    The blog and newsletter were created to share knowledge and help other traders and traders avoid mistakes.

    Well, trading is hard and that’s a fact. Yes, it’s easy to find a broker providing access to different markets around the world. Usually, terms are simple and with a scan of your ID and proof of residence you can open an account for individual, independents traders. But there is a lot of false marketing in style like who else wants to be a millionaire?

    The usual path looks like this. You open an account, maybe some demo / trial account and you earn virtual money. Next, you move to a real account and you learn that’s not that easy to make money. You are looking for helpful and informational articles about trading strategies online. You search for various courses, choose some and pay for them. All claim that they are great, have good reviews on websites. You select one that offers education for registered subscribers. After watching hours of materials you understand that they haven’t delivered. Your performance is still not great, your profits are little and today you are in the same place as in the past.

    This first period is the hardest for new traders. They depend upon different strategies, switch them a lot, don’t follow risk management. If they do not work, they look elsewhere for other courses/strategies. These are mistakes that I and many other traders have made. And you might still be making them in the future.

    Truth is that these are serious mistakes that can completely destroy your investment account and likely lost all funds.

    There are also a whole series of smaller mistakes that make it difficult for you to reach a higher level of profitability. For example, you don’t lose that big positions but often close your results as a break-even, so your trading account does not grow.

    You have to treat trading as a business. Yes, trading can be a suitable business. There will be some losses but thanks to good strategy and discipline you can make good profits and stay quarterly and anually profitable.

    In which markets can I use the strategies mentioned in the newsletter?

    As I mentioned above, I use mainly technical analysis strategies and they work in virtually every market as long as there is adequate volatility. That’s why the strategies I teach you can be easily added to many markets including:

    • options trading,
    • day trading
    • stock trading, stock picks
    • buy and hold or simply long term trading
    • swing trading
    • Forex market
    • stock market
    • future market
    • commodities trading
    • trading long and short (so buying and selling in both bull and bear market)

    Are investment newsletters worth it? Are there risks? What kind of provides

    This is a question that comes up often. Isn’t this another trading newsletter that will only try to sell something? No. Trading is usually a very lonely activity, so my goal is to build a community/team that will be able to support you in achieving success in trading.

    That’s why this newsletter is supposed to bring you a specific value – you get access to my experience, advice. Ideally, with its help, you will be able to improve your trading strategy, make better trading decisions, and see what trading strategies other traders are using.

    The ultimate goal is to make money by trading. It’s a goal available to anyone who is willing to put work. This is the purpose of this newsletter – help you to become the next profitable trader. The purpose of this newsletter is to help you create a profitable trading strategy.

    Join the Newsletter

    Subscribe to free newsletter. As a bonus get two guides:

    • 10 tools and tips that will improve your trading
    • Pivot Point trading with price action

    All free 🙂

      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.


      I’m not a financial advisor. The purpose of this newsletter is educational only. The provided information does not mean that I recommend specific trade/stock or a position to trade. That means that you must do your own analysis, have a written strategy keep to your trading rules when making decisions. If you are not sure how to trade either start from a demo account or with a real account and a small amount of money. Make sure that you invest money that you can lose. There are different types of trading – leverage, hedge, and others where you risk money and could lose all. You are responsible for your trading results.